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We need sustainable green changes and we need them fast. Let’s unite for the good of planet earth. We thank you graciously for your contribution.

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KEY GOAL A future in harmony with natural systems, – renewable energy, circular systems of water use and waste,  `restored ecosystems, only food that is safe to eat, no  toxins in circulation, animals with rights,  electric vehicles – systems where greed, poverty, corruption and destruction of the planet cannot take place., .

Our whole plan is to address a deadly scenario which is unfolding worldwide. A 30 year peer reviewed study released in 2016 said that on the present trajectory of depleting oxygen levels in the sea, large tracts of most of the oceans will be without sufficient oxygen to support life by 2030.

In our research into the effect this would have on atmospheric oxygen , we found that the phytoplankton whose demise is causing the death of sea life also produce much of our oxygen so all oxygen breathing animals wil begin to die too as we approach  2030.

Add to this death of most flying insects (pollinators) through toxins which has already happened, global warming which is far advanced, melting ice caps, toxins infusing most life forms and causing cancers and disease.

No other party is doing anything about changing the systems because they do not know what to do. This is where our research comes in.

The following list just some of the actions required urgently and  need to begin immediately or we will be near the end of the existence of humans and oxygen breathing animals in 11 years time.

We may have left it too late ..We cannot easily move fast enough from the current economic system to new systems. As soon as possible, a state of Emergency needs to be declared which will feed everyone and keep essential services going. while we change the systems to ensure that we and our children have a future beyond 2030. It is too late to phase these changes in, The changed systems  need to take effect as soon as possible.

The following laws are to be annulled and amended as from today.



THE KEY TO SURVIVAL IS RAPID INCREASE IN BIOMASS IN THE SOILS which would require carbon from the CO2 in the air thus reducing CO2 levels and cooling the planet…

  1. Land custodian ship replaces Land Ownership.
  2. Land owns itself and cannot be bought or sold.
  3. Custodians responsibility to land is
  • nurturing of soil and microbes in the soil
  • so no use of poisons,
  • Extensive planting and nurturing of plant and animal and biota life .
  • No use of artificial fertilisers, non organic biologically sourced Chemicals, etc.
  • no leaving ground uncovered, cover with organic material,


The land includes the biota ( animals and plants big and microscopic) that support the life in the soil so

  1. no traps,
  2. no hunting,
  3. no fire,
  4. no genetically modified crops.


To care for land is to

  • plant it organically ,
  • keep the soil from eroding.
  • lead storm water into the aquifers,
  • prevent fire.




  1. People who own land up to this point can remain doing so if they care for the land correctly but if they are abusing their land they can stay in their homes on the land but –
  2. others who have interest in caring for the land will come and build their dwelling on and care for the land. These new people , if they cease to look after the land will be moved into the cities.
  3. Only people custodianing land properly can remain on land. It is no longer about ownership. It is about who can save our lives by improving the life in the soil.




  • De-urbanisation for anyone prepared to work with renewing the biomass of the soil, or plant and grow organic food, reforest or care for animals will hopefully motivate many to disperse over the land.
  • The work in restoring ecosystems and growing organic food not only carries with it free electricity, food, education , health and free natural building materials but also with 10 000 ecos a month for other things ( See Money below)
  • The production of natural housing material like hemp, hemp tiles, wood and clay bricks will be provided for free – starting with the people who are working in the abundance creating projects.
  • Schooling will be over the air so the necessity to be near the city for education of kids will be reduced/ This will mean that families prepared to work on the land or on any of the above, can move out into the country.
  • Housing should not be given to anyone but a place to build is essential and this becomes much easier.



  • Existing informal settlements taken down and remodelled for the supply of electricity by solar, the provision of water borne sanitation in circular systems with wetland purifying and the provision of showers, basins and sinks. Roof tops will be used for solar, collection of rain water and growing food and leisure decks..
  • The Victorian system with terrace housing enclosing a safe space for children to play and planting will be built into the remodelled settlements.
  • With the change of economic system, many existing office blocks will be available to convert to apartments with renewable energy on the roof, rainwater collection, sewerage water recycling and leisure space on the roof.
  • Large gardens in cities may be split up a section to be developed off for the establishment of more housing.
  • The population growth will be being brought under control and



Whereas with coal and nuclear, more electricity needs more coal to produce it. With renewable energy all do is install the amount of solar power that will cover our most intensive use month which is in winter July average 18000 GW hrs. To do this we need to instal as follows

Installation of 110 GW of installed solar covering 731 km2 of rooftops, parking lot shading and solar greenhouses will  take up to 5 years to fully install cost R 1,.6 trillion rand and then require little further ongoing costs.stored in super capacitors with a 1 000 000 cycle lifespan and an approximately 1 200 year life.


It will be decentralised so the attrition along the cables will be largely avoided. This excess energy wil be used for transport. .

Once paid for ( about 5 years) electricity will be free.



The import of electric motors and the negotiations for the manufacture of them in SA will begin.

  • Existing cars will be retrofitted and
  • new custom made vehicles all fitted also with satellite control over speed
  • Most cars will driven by satellite will begin like a free uber.
  • Street lights will be movement sensored to save power.
  • Maglev above ground intercity high speed rails will carry goods and intercity travellers.
  • All ships will be solar and no further voyages will be permitted in a fossil fuel ship.
  • By 2023 all petrol stations will be closed and petrol cars will no longer be licensed for SA roads.


The future technology that can save us is also is here. Why has South Africa not stepped up to take advantage of it. Only because it has been the victim of bad people internationally who took advantage of a greedy corrupt  government to hold us down to use of obsolete technology.that they cannot off load elsewhere any longer.



  • The growing of hemp for all purposes is permitted and desirable for organic clothing, building materials, carpets and insulation, cattle fodder etc.
  • The contract with corrupt Escom to provide energy is revoked.
  • Within 5 YEARS only energy from renewable resources will be permitted.
  • The law requiring municipalities to be compensated if citizens produce our own energy is revoked.
  • Water no longer belongs to the State. Communities will catch water and keep it circulating , oxygenated and naturally cleansed.. All water systems must be circular.i.e water is cleaned through UV and local wetlands and used again.
  • Laws imbuing rights to seeds to corporations revoked.
  • Properties that were repossessed unjustly returned to the original owners care. Or repossessed compensated for sale at a loss of real value.


V         WATER

  1. People with aptitude register to be trained as plumbers and plumbing parts manufacturers. The whole country is to be replumbed for circular systems of use naturally treated in wetlands. This means that the same water will be used over and over again for toilets, paper and solids will be separated locally and composted. No more pit latrines, chemical toilets sewerage in aquifers, rivers or sea and plenty of food for microbes.
  2. Physically able people invited to step forward in every area of the country to rehabilitate ecosystems , create stormwater diversions, swales and wetlands to recharge aquifers.
  3. Strict control of all toiletries and household cleaners and all things that contaminate water and soil and air will protect the water.
  4. Research begins immediately on how to remove the damage we have done to water already.



  1. Hunting , testing on animals, abattoirs, and factory farms are banned.
  2. Abattoirs, animal testing units and factory farms will be closed and the animals rehabilitated and moved to humane living conditions.
  3. Animals have rights. They cannot be killed, separated from their young enclosed without shelter from sun and cold, and wihout access to food and water.
  4. The laws giving the rights over seeds to a few corporates are revoked. Seed diversity breeding becomes very important to our survival.
  5. No more artificial fertilisers or pest control to be used.
  6. Domestic animals move in great herds to reinvigorate the soils countrywide in the Alan Savory method of livestock rearing.. Animals primary function is not meat but restoration of soils to absorb CO2 and cool the planet. Animals only become available for meat when they die naturally and the bodies or meat are moved in refrigerated helicopters.


  1. All poisons banned in other countries are hereby banned and must be withdrawn from shops and houses. Investigate safe disposal in space.
  2. Plastic bottle and bag manufacturers shut down immediately. Bottles and bags in circulation can continue to be used until they come to the end of their lives where they will be bought for use as bricks etc that removes the chance of their ever entering the sea.
  3. Fossil fuels used only for interim use and stopped being used as soon as possible. Note. We cannot afford to provide energy and fuel for all existing economic activities and must abandon all but essential industry until we have saved our future on the planet beyond 2030 and changed our energy source,
  4. Banks and use of money suspended in the mean time.


VIII     APPOINTMENT OF CHAIR OF EXPERTS IN EACH FIELD TO GUIDE  THE CHANGES.These experts will be chosen by their peers and can be removed by their peers.

IX        DEVOLVE POWER TO COMMUNITIES. Government convenes for national matters only effectively becomes a cooperative of community leaders/elders chosen ny communities for their ethics and wisdom under the guidance of environmental experts in many fields chosen by their peers.

  1. House holds select who they would like to form a community with and elect elders chosen for their ethics and wisdom and respect because of it. Select a name of community, and a place on the google map and register members.
  2. Select youngsters to be trained for protection team, waste control, water and wildlife and monitoring and  community restaurants set up – where. Who cooks, who grows.


  1. A state of emergency is declared till we have set South Africa onto a path to


  • reduced population,


  • reducing CO2 and methane and nitrous oxide and black carbon levels


  • Renewable energy and circular systems of water use and zero waste


  • Withdrawn all toxins and most chemicals, plastic and GM foods from production circulation


  1. Voluntary self eusthenasia is permitted and regulatory protection put into place.
  2. Women giving birth to second child have tubes tied.
  3. Women who wish to have tubes tied after one child go onto the special privileges group.
  4. Women who wish to have no children may select to be part of that group with added priority access to perks.
  5. Because drug abuse shortens life span, people who wish to take drugs and are prepared to watch a film showing what eventually happens to drug takers get a licence for free drugs. This prevents prostitution, theft and murder to get funds for drugs; prevents bad men pushing drugs at children and massively decreases the social impact of drug taking.




  • Drugs free so the crimes associated with trying to procure drugs/ This need will be gone once drugs are free..
  • Poverty will be alleviated by the free food, housing material, education, health transport and electricity. So crimes of desperation to feed your family become unnecessary,



  • Citizen Protection Teams form in each community – highly trained in martial arts and use of immobilisation techniques and advanced digital systems equipment.
  • Community advise team of abuse. Highly digitised monitoring and identification of suspects.



  • No communication with the outside world during incarceration. So prison gang s cannot organise crime from inside prison. The isolation from family will hopefully be a deterrent.
  • No wardens so prisoners are watched by camera.
  • Prisoners go to the Badlands where they grow their own food, build their own accommodation. Prisoners are chipped and cannot remove the chip or leave the Badlands without it exploding.
  • Skills and motivation taught  by film.. Everything to prepare prisoners for successful integration with life after sentence.



  • Prison for a prisoner may become a very dangerous place to be and should be avoided by not doing crime. Any person under pressure that may cause him to commit a crime can report and be assisted by a highly trained therapist and assistance providing teams  to defuse situations that could bring about crime. Thus they may avoid doing crime.



The single most important thing we can do is to forget all types of consumerism and concentrate on getting green house gases out of circulation as fast as we can.


This means virtually stopping the use of fossil fuel immediately except that we need to use it while we manufacture the panels and distribute food during the transition to renewable period. Also for emergency services. There was a time we could have phased it out. That time has passed. Germany has done the everyone must engage in

  • Keeping soil covered, fed and watered COUNTRYWIDE.  See green gold on the internet.
  • Using domestic animals in large herds moving across land to grow microbes and biomass content of soil See Alan Savory
  • Reforestation,
  • Min till agriculture and mulching.
  • Using human excreta compost also to feed animals. See Aquatron



  • No more waste.
  • Increase Production of glass bottles and refilling stations to refill bottles with water from air or filtered water,.Reuse lids too.
  • Waste dumps generate large amounts of methane. So production of any items which will ever become waste must be halted. Nothing can be produced that will not become reused for something essential afterwards..
  • The methane from existing waste dumps can be partially disarmed by burning the merthane to heat water to turn a turbine and create energy but it is an archaic mode of energy generation. …
  • All shops and homes are massive centres for the creation of waste. To reduce centres of waste we should change our eating pattern to eat primarily in restaurants which are well organised to use food and correctly distribute the left overs to compost, animal feed and preservation. Foodiechefs trained by TV would prepare food at a large number of local restaurants which would serve only nutritious organic vegetarian food and free range marbled meat so health and nutrition of all humans would soar. Poverty would no longer mean starvation as this food would be free and families could eat together.
  • This would also eliminate the need for each home to have cookers, fridges, crockery, cutlery and would greatly limit waste and energy use..
  • Meat for those who want it would not be from animals who had been battery or factory farmed, stressfully transported and cruelly killed. The cattle and sheep would be primarily important for their ability to change grass into food for microbes and their effect on improving soil as they pass over it in large herds. Animals would not be killed but when they died naturally would be instantly harvested and made available as food, This kind of meat is gaining popularity in Sweden because of its taste and tenderness.
  • It also carries no toxins and antibiotics, makes no heavy damage to the environment and is a major asset to the restoration of ecosystems, and because there are no stress chemicals, the violence that we believe may be coming from the stress hormones in a meat eaters diet will stop.
  • Increasing herd size and moving animals on before they have grazed the lasy\t of the good plants, disturbs the earth to allow the penetration of water, fertilises the soil with faeces and urine and allows the animals to have the family and herd life nature intended. It is also far less methane producing because the manure is consumed by soil biota.



More than 500 times more green house effect  than CO2 and almost the biggest global warming agent is carbon particles in the air from forest and vegetation fires.. It is false to think that burning the vegetation gives nutrition to the soil. The soil does better with the vegetation left as an unburned  mulch to feed microbes.


It is absolutely essential to prevent fire starting  Deliberate controlled fire management must stop until global warming is well under control.

  • Absolute control over bush fire at all costs using people stationed along entry points,
  • digital surveillance and drones and
  • incarcerating all arsonists for life or until the danger is over.




The whole system of justice is fatally flawed and seldom achieves justice. Access to justice is only for the rich and is shamefully manipulated by the legal profession to maximise income.

  • Files are removed from court and altered,
  • High Court applies few of the laws and has the discretions to do so making laws meaningless
  • .the process of affidavit is fragile and flouted.
  • The whole system is using the cost of legal action to delay and therefore run out of funds to proceed through to justice.
  • Only the rich can apply for justice at all.
  • Every lawyer has different versions and clients are sold short by lawyers more intent upon the money they will make from continuing litigation than reaching justice..
  • the liquidation process and testate winding up of estates is a feast by the “hyaenas and vultures” of the legal world which almost never benefits anyone except the legal profession.


  • Orders are very often ignored and there is no avenue for pursuing execution of the order.
  • Environmental cases are hardly brought to court due to a lack of understanding of how the environment works and a reluctance of courts to adjudicate on anything but process.
  • In every case suits are allowed to drag on while the perpetrators elude justice.


From now on,

  • all cases brought to court must be seen through until the end day by day.
  • All service will be by PDF onto a website set up for this
  • .Evidence can be filmed and
  • a band of judges and prosecutors will begin to be trained to hear environmental cases on their merits.
  • A chair of environment will be appointed which will adjudicate all environmental cases.
  • A team of people trained to recognise environmental breaches will be enabled to bring cases immediately to court and
  • to suspend any activity until the court has heard the case.  ..


It is time for

  • disbanding the current courts and their flawed system of procedure and

applying the jury system of USA  and lay magistrate system of UK, It is time for most of the suits to be placed before a magistrate drawn from the wise among lay people adjudicated by a legal professional.

  • the application of common law..


  • submitting papers by film or PDF onto a case file in the court website service by email and
  • all law and legal help must be free.



  • Hospitals need to be fully staffed 24 hours to cope with back log and because it is not right that there is currently a 30% higher chance of dying if admitted to hospital in weekends and nights.
  • Youngsters and people with aptitude will be invited to step forward to be trained for free as doctors, nurses and medical technicians.
  • Women volunteer to be trained for running local clinics in skin, nutrition, common ailments to adjust behaviours that are destructive to health and pick up medical problems before they become too bad and direct them to professional care.
  • All food stuffs dangerous to health have production stopped .Access to healthy nutritious food for all See above.
  • Hospitals to be free



  • Digital at each learners speed and presented lessons by movie by the best teachers in the world, Real experience and Field trips. Cannot have the current hit and miss chance of a good teacher. Urban populations are going to be dispersed till we have changed the systems and we have excellent chances of an enormous team of young people busy working on saving their own future.
  • Far more opportunities in performing arts, research and
  • Learners will also be taught how to generate an income independent of employers. .
  • Essential to prioritise complete background of the current earth problems and solutions. It is going to be tough and we need every mind working on lateral thinking ideas that could save us.



  • Within a month, no fossil fuel powered ships may dock in South African ports. All ships must convert to electric. This ends oil spills, sound damage to sea life.and underwater exploration.


  • Trawling, long line fishing and mechanised fishing boats must be grounded . Any foreign or SA vessels fishing illegally in our waters will be confiscated. And either used for strike craft together with digital technology or broken up for metal.


  • Marine reserves will be monitored and any traditional fisherman abusing will forever lose his right to fish.


  • Fishing is only for traditional and leisure fishers using lines, hoop irons and not gill nets.. For a while, there will be a lot less fish available but the resources will then recover to pristine after which the Marcusson Stevens act of USA waters will be rigidly applied and non species specific quotas may apply. Fishing  as it stands now does not benefit many South Africans – only the rich and those that buy from them.
  • Seals will be allowed to breed on SA islands. They have until now been thrown off all but 180 has of island and it is affecting their breeding. Seals are predators of fish. Predators are essential components of the health of ecosystems.
  • Most of SAs fish are severely threatened with extinction by 2035 if the lack of oxygen in the sea by 2030 has not already taken them out. We want to suspend most fishing and particularly industrial fishing
  • South Africa’s large coastal waters will become a marine reserve for the world.
  • No chemicals may be used on land . Sewerage will be in closed systems. The deadly cocktail that contaminates all our sea and our fish will continue and is our single most insoluble problem and every effort to research and implement any way of removing the plastic and oil or defusing the toxins must be carefully considered and undertaken if it is found to be a solution which is not going to create a bigger problem.



  • All boundary fences on farms to be taken down in order to allow migration of wildlife to stimulate soils rehabilitation. Game reserves can retain fences to keep animals where they can be easily seen by tourists.
  • No culling allowed. Excess animals get allowed to roam SA freely and improve our soils as they used to do. .
  • All gin traps an other traps to be removed. The presence of a trap on a farm will negatively affect custodianship rights. It is the farmers job to ensure no traps are on his farm..


  • All game rangers and monitors to be checked regularly with truth drugs and imprisoned for 15 years if they are found to be in league with poaching.


  • Highly trained anti-poaching squads numbers must be massively increased


  • Use of drones with infrared and satellite surveillance of incursions and squads.


  • Continually revolving monitors to ensure no corruption.


  • The real battle is with the minds of men and that is to be tackled with education.


  • Monitoring will be by a coastal 24 hour watch using drones and infrared light and the squads can shoot poachers to kill. The need for poaching will have been removed by the other factors above.


  • Continual surveillance of people suspected of poaching and scrutiny of air and sea baggage.


  • Higher price on the heads of poachers and animal dealers than from rhino horn etc.



  • All chemicals and products banned in any other country must immediately be  removed from our shelves and the production or sale  or use of it  must be banned.


  • Law suits to begin to sue the production companies for damages and these funds to be used to try and deactivate or remove the toxins and compensate the victims of the chemicals. These law suits must all run concurrently in the new speeded up justice system,


  • Organically sourced replacement for the function of all uses of toiletries and household cleaners and fertilisers and pest control must be escalated so that within 6 months all remaining artificial chemicals will be removed from the shelves and banned from sale or use.


  • This is absolutely essential because 80% of any chemical ever made ends up in the sea and our marine life is critically threatened. Will be mostly gone by 2030 ,



What is pushing the destruction of our planet and our children’s future is the existing fractional reserve money system which is not based on a gold or any other value  standard and has been allowed to be created without any added value to match the creation by an unscrupulous nest of bankers. They have stripped our forests and seas, plundered our natural resources in the cheapest and most shortcut way they could find, used incredibly damaging energy sources and , even when they were found to be dangerous to our future, blocked every effort to replace them. They have planned obsolescence to increase sales, murdered people who tried to prevent their headlong mayhem and all the time they created money out of thin air . because there was not matching value, the extra money in circulation represented smaller and smaller value and their supply of it grew from 55 in 1950 to 80% now.

We have been conditioned to believe we cannot do without this money. Yes . we need a transactional system but this one has been contaminated by false increasing money supply.


To give ability to pay for essential environmental services without reference to bankers.

We would like to create a new currency where it is not reserve banks or bankers or the rich who create it but ordinary people working on any project which creates a natural abundance to substantiate the value of it.

! hour work on an abundance creating project or field _= 1 eco.



Free education and health and free justice will be immediately available to everyone.

As the reach of their labour grows and the country goes renewable and circular systems of waste and water etc are widespread,. free electricity and  free organic food and free natural building material will become available first to the people and their families who work in any of the above and then to everyone.

As the number of ecos grows the ecos will be transactable for clothing and services of other kinds like normal money EXCEPT THAT NO BANK MAY CREATE MORE OF IT. Only the people doing the above jobs which leaves behind the labour an ever increasing natural abundance underpinning the value of the currency they created

Increasingly educated people increases all the above

Increasingly healthy people become available to create more abundance

Trees when planted, ecosystems when restored, soils rich in biomass have their own natural abundance. Fish numbers when protected soar,

Once poisons are removed, all life flourishes.


Doing the above, creating ecos by fixing our world and our education and our health can be done anyway.

The future then would be in our hands. If we want there to be oxygen and water and food for us to survive much beyond 2030, if we want to flourish, learn, be healthy, what do we lose by changing every system that is currently leading us to a certain extinction as a species?