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The Green Party is running for election this year

We need sustainable green changes and we need them fast. Let’s unite for the good of planet Earth. We  graciously thank you for your contribution.

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People young and old, working or retired who are prepared to bring about or stand for a new completely new system of government, please register to help our team.

We are looking for candidates (who will receive training at the beautiful Monkey Valley Resort in Noordhoek, Southern Peninsula) and for communication team, lobbyists and people prepared to talk to schools, universities and other groups plus musicians, media, researchers, people who own land of any kind who would allow us to improve it or grow organic food on it, web designers, organisers etc.

All should first register on which is starting immediately to bring about the changes which need to be implemented now. In the event of us not getting into government, we will still be introducing the Brave Green World principles See Please register as  a Brave Green World citizen no matter how young, old or disabled you are, there is something important you can do to take part in saving the world from the present, destructive systems.

Instead of always having a government which works against the people and the environment for the benefit of their own pockets and ignores their own constitution, let’s bring in a new, this time really non-racist government who will aid the Constitution of South Africa objectively  but also enforce it (instead of always acting in breach of it) and also add so much more to our current legal culture.

We are in too much danger to have anyone but people who understand how to get us out of danger through making responsible, guided, rational and informed decisions.

We want many many people in each area. We will decide together who eventually stands in what area and who is the overall leader. Candidates have to be registered voters. Some will be the candidates. Some will be the organisers. Some will talk to the schools, industry, big business, farmers,  rural communities,  internet users. We also need to persuade some chiefs and other key community leaders to stand for us. We will ensure that they can still carry on their existing roles and jobs even whilst participating in government.

There is a remote but strange chance that we could win this election. The last and the existing government are not working for the people. Their leaders are under the control of overseas corporations and interests as well as corruption:

  • E.g. Belgians get the money from our tolls
  • The Russians will get the money from the proposed nuclear power stations
  • The Spanish get more than 8 times the money we get from our fish.
  • The Chinese are getting more and more of our land.
  1. The existing government is ignoring the people, stealing our money, is totally corrupt and breaking most of the requirements of the Acts in favour of their own vested interest.
  2. This has led to increased energy costs when energy could be free, increases destruction of all our ecosystems our fish, our forests, our water supplies both natural and underground, our health and our wildlife and one of the most detrimental social systems in the world with the highest murder rate in the world, a disgusting reputation everywhere for women and child abuse and an almost uncontrollable crime rate.
  3. Criminals are not necessarily inherently bad. Sometimes the system they lived under produced them made circumstances which created a criminal society. Brave Green World’s intention is to reverse this, contain and rehabilitate the people damaged by the circumstances our country did not prevent. Criminals will be brought back to be valuable contributors to the future in a true self-sustaining (not with taxpayers money) correctional service system and create a society which will not just damage then again nor enable them to be damaging them again. We need every able-bodied and disabled bodied citizen to bring about a new world. We cannot lose so many into the current jailing system. In today’s society, it would be dangerous to release criminals. In our new Brave Green world, they would not need to be and would not find it easy to be criminals and could use their not inconsiderable power and initiative for the good of us all.
  4. Everyone has been made aware by the media of how seriously bad the impact on our world of our existing economic system, there is no understanding of this in government. We have a lot to do!