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Green Party of South Africa | Judy SoleJUDY SOLE

Founder of “The Green Party of South Africa” in 1998, Judy is a teacher of all major subjects including maths, geography, biology, science and English. This is how she knew what would happen to the climate and its impact on the world and tried to warn everyone in the elections in 1999. Subsequently she has filmed most of the Conferences of the Parties (COP) – international climate change conferences being the only Television person covering the scientists who were and are desperately trying to warn the governments of the world about what is happening to the planet.

Most of the films on were shot and edited by her and this is how she has come to gather a wide range of answers  from the top scientific and hands-on experts in the world about what is happening to the planet and their solutions of how to try and solve the many problems we face as a planet right now .

She has also started and filmed and



Environmental lawyer integral in;

The People of South Africa vs the Minister of Fisheries 2012 to get Tina Joemat-pettersson to heed the dictates of her own Scientific Work group and reduce the quota on the west coast rock lobster.

In September 2013 we lost the case.

As at 1st January  2014, the status of the West Coast Rock Lobster had reduced from 3.1% of pristine to 2.6 %.and was orange listed.

In 2015 the WCRL was red listed and in 2018, the WWF won the same case as the High Court decided that the WCRL resource had not been preserved for future generations by the Government as our constitution requires them to do and fishing was suspended.

She also had a part in fighting the erection of the Toll Plaza on Chapmans Peak Drive in a Nature Reserve.


A well known  activist who founded  FLOW for the love of water and many other environmental initiatives.