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The Green Party is running for election this year

We need sustainable green changes and we need them fast. Let’s unite for the good of planet earth. We thank you graciously for your contribution.

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  1. We are one with all life, earth, water and air. Anything which affects someone or something else affects me and is my responsibility. No one and nothing is expendable.
  2. Everyone’s child is our responsibility to protect and assist even when they (or we) grow up – or old.
  3. We pledge to end an economy or any practices which are at war with the natural systems of earth and develop systems that are in harmony with nature –


  1. Soils, water, air, and the rich micro ecosystems they contain are nurtured and protected from toxins
  2. Plants, animals and people have the life they were intended by nature to have and are treated with respect and kindness.
  3. Food and drink is safe to eat or drink, is not genetically modified, is organically grown, has no harmful additives, is not processed, stored or packaged in any way that removes or compromises its nutrients or the health of any person, animal or ecosystem.
  4. There are no harmful chemicals. No testing on animals.
  5. There is no waste (especially toxic waste).  All waste is  a resource for another species
  6. Wildernesses, wetlands, forests, aquifers, rivers, oceans, soils and water catchment areas are restored and protected to give us all life.
  7. We promise to become a conserver society, not a consumer society and never to erode, damage or negatively affect natural resources.
  8. We promise never to do anything to the detriment of another person or species, water, earth and air
  9. We promise to forever treat with love and respect, to honor and protect all life and all that gives us LIFE.